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Wilgo Vijfhoven exposeert

Wilgo Vijfhoven exposeert in Readytex Gallery, Paramaribo.
Artist Statement

The recent work of Wilgo Vijfhoven is inspired by the mysteriousness of woman. In oil paintings he expresses sensual elements with misty, earthy colors in a figurative style, while exploring the mystery of the female species. What fascinates him is their strength in dealing with stressful situations. He also explores the loneliness of women, which can sometimes occur after the end of a relationship, and the doubt that lingers in such situations concerning their own capacities and beauty. The loneliness is what he tries to capture in his poetic portrayals of these women. Sometimes he focuses on a specific part of the body,

Wilgo Vijfhoven – The colour of money

and sometimes on the woman as a whole, wrapped up in a mist of mystery.

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