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Towards a Kingdom Mobility Program in Higher Education

Proposal for a three-year pilot program in the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Currently it is very difficult for students studying in the Dutch Caribbean to go on exchange to Higher Education Institutions [HEI] in other parts of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

school op Bonaire / foto Aart G. Broek
Onderwijsmotiveringsslogan op school, Bonaire / foto Aart G. Broek

There is no financial support from a program like Erasmus and when it comes to guidance and support, students quite often fall between the cracks of the system due to unclarity about their status whether they are supposed to be seen as international student or not. This is a major omission in the Dutch education system, since we strongly believe that exchanges of students between various parts of the Kingdom will have many positive effects.

For the report, see pdf

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