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The Value of Local Dictionaries in the Caribbean: The Example of Saba

by Caroline Myrick

While the Caribbean is home to at least seventy languages and hundreds of dialects, the region has had published only a handful of local dictionaries — that is, dictionaries for specific islands, island conglomerates, or coastal communities.

Dictionaries are especially important for underrepresented communities such as those of the Caribbean, from both a linguistic perspective and an ethical one. Using the Saban English dictionary A Lee Chip (Johnson 2016) as an example, this article proposes two primary ethical functions of local dictionaries in the Caribbean.

Continue reading the article in pdf:

Journal of the Dictionary Society of North America,
Volume 40, Issue 1, 2019, pp. 139-164 (Article)
Published by Dictionary Society of North America

on 29.03.2024 at 6:59
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