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The Untold Story of Arab Slave Trade Of Africans

by Kenneth de Marchena

Today I will talk about the history of slavery, not from the West, but from the East. Who were the biggest African slave drivers / traders? This is about a piece of hidden history of the Arab slave trade of Africans. I have also mentioned this before, that slavery was not abolished in 1863, but that it simply continued on the African continent when it stopped in the west (How they divided Africa).

Africa was already in the hands of another race of slave traders since about 700 years after Christ, when the Quran was created and the Muslim world invaded Africa to Spain / Europe. Millions of Africans were brought to the east as slaves and sometimes as forced soldiers. Slavery still happens in some regions of those countries such as Saudi Arabia. Of every 3 slaves they took with them, there were two women.
The male slaves who were kidnapped to the east could not have left offspring, as in the west, because they were all castrated and you had to work until you died. Then you were replaced by a new slave from Africa. If two slave nevertheless brought a child into the world, the child was immediately murdered.

So there was no reproduction. In the West you were allowed to have a wife and have children with a husband, but in the East you were not allowed to, you could drop dead, because you were replaced by another one. They were used just like utensils compared to the west.
The Arab children themselves had slaves. Watch and Listen to how a Caliph slaughtered thousands of black African slaves and replaced them with new slaves.

Muslim slave traders did trade in African slaves till India and therefore there is still a village in India with descendants of slaves from Africa. The largest African slave revolt was not in the west either, but in Basra, Iraq in the east where almost 50 thousand slaves revolted and took over Basra. They were called the Zanj and had to work on the salt fields and plantations.
Only in the years 1800-1900 almost 2 million African slaves were brought to the east. More than one million have died on the way to the east. It is estimated that tens of millions of African slaves have been taken to the east since about 700 AD until 1981 when Mauritania as the last named country in the world abolished it ..

Up to and including today, the descendants of these African slaves live throughout the Muslim world including Russia up to China.
What I want to say with this is, almost the whole world had African slaves. Must these countries not be ashamed of how they have humiliated the African continent untill this day? African slaves are still sold in Libya.

Is not it time for Africa to wake up and turn its back on to this nonsense religions? Religions that was forced upon their ancestors, their ancestors were humiliated, exploited, raped, abused, sold their children and treated like animals? Tackled your country and enslaved yourself in your own country. But until today Africa/Africans continue to believe in this forced religion.

The Muslim world must be ashamed of their atrocities committed against the African people. The best part of all this is that many Muslims possess the DNA of an African ancestor without realizing it.
Because the Arab men were allowed to beget children with the African women. So from the feminine side many Muslims have a dark ancestor who was a slave. All three religions have participated in slavery, but ….
The greatest slave hunters were not the Christians, certainly not the Jews, but the Muslim world who used, humiliated and killed tens of millions of African people as slaves in the East.

From the Facebook page of De Marchena, December 1, 2018.

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