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When Brazil was the largest slave market in the world

by Valeria Tovarci

In this paper, I would like to focus on the history of slavery in Brazil. I am aware, that this topic was not really covered in the lectures. But the role of slavery in the history of Brazil is one of the darkest chapters of the largest Latin American country. Slavery shaped ownership and the system of power, human relations and religious expression, nation building and Brazilian identity. In short, the entire history and present of the country. For me, these facts turn out to be utterly important to write about.
Before I go into more detail about the history of slavery in Brazil, there are a few more introductory words to the history of Suriname. After having skimmed an overview of the points discussed in the lectures on suriname slavery, I continue with the description of trafficking in Brazil at that time. Subsequently I will show an example that describes the personal experience of an enslaved man in Brazil who wrote down his traumatic experiences. Finally, I mention the importance of the memorial in Rio , as it was a major theme during last year’s Olympic Games. read on…

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