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Former colony confronts the Netherlands over coronavirus aid conditions

by Anthony Faiola 

Inside the prime minister’s office in the Caribbean nation of Sint Maarten, the walls of paradise were closing in. In the former Dutch colony renowned for fish stews and rum cocktails on Great Bay Beach, the coronavirus pandemic had ground tourism to a halt, sparking a financial crisis akin to the aftermath of a hurricane. By December, Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs said, public coffers were so low that she didn’t know how she could continue to cover the government payroll.

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Icon comes alive in scholarly work

by Glenville Ashby

In Caribbean Counterpoint Dr. Sara Florian forays into the mind of Lasana Sekou; his fears and hope, and his musings, she lays bare. In her dissection we see a man driven by a painful history, a history that collectively cements a people into a worn but redeemable fabric.

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The call for Caribbean Literature Day – July 12, 2020

Following is the full statement calling for Caribbean Literature Day to be celebrated on July 12, 2020 throughout the Caribbean region and beyond, issued by House of Nehesi Publishers (HNP), at the St. Martin Book Fair Closing Ceremony on June 6, 2020. Lasana M. Sekou, writer and projects director at HNP, read from the statement during the live broadcast of the literature festival on Facebook.

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Elf soorten steekmuggen op Bovenwindse Eilanden


In een onderzoek uit 2018 van steekmuggenpopulaties op de eilanden Sint Maarten, Saba en Sint Eustatius zijn elf verschillende soorten gedocumenteerd, waaronder twee soorten die nieuw zijn voor Sint Maarten. Van sommige van deze soorten is bekend dat ze ziekten verspreiden. Door onderzoek naar steekmuggenpopulaties te doen, kunnen lokale overheden de verspreiding van door steekmuggen overgedragen ziekten tegengaan en bovendien inzicht krijgen in de gezondheid van lokale ecosystemen.

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De strijders tegen koloniale overheersers blijven wél op hun voetstuk staan

door Nina Jurna

In Latijns-Amerika en het Caribisch gebied staan standbeelden van mensen die in verzet kwamen tegen koloniale overheersers.

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Inside St. Maarten

Get in-depth news stories on the Caribbean island St. Maarten as we report developments in government, business, tourism, technology, medicine, our community and surrounding islands.

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Eerste gevallen coronavirus in Sint Maarten, Saint Barthélemy en Frans Guyana

De eerste gevallen van het Covid-19-virus (coronavirus) hebben zich aangediend in het Caraïbisch gebied. Autoriteiten op Sint Maarten en Saint Barthélemy hebben op 1 maart de eerste besmettingen met het nieuwe coronavirus gemeld.

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Schaf het koloniale Statuut af

Vijfenzestig jaar geleden, in december 1954, werd het Statuut getekend. Dit wetsdocument regelt de verhoudingen tussen Aruba, Curaçao, Sint-Maarten en Nederland. Hoog tijd om het koloniale Statuut af te schaffen.

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After a Caribbean hurricane

by Kirk Semple

SAINT-MARTIN, French West Indies — In the debris that had once been furniture and a roof were the vestiges of a holiday home: a cluster of flip-flops, a romance novel, a child’s ball floating in a plunge pool’s fetid waters.

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Caribbean Counterpoint: The Aesthetics of Salt in Lasana Sekou by Sara Florian

GREAT BAY, St. Martin (August 13, 2019)—The USA booklist from California’s Small Press Distribution (SPD) includes a new book published in St. Martin: Caribbean Counterpoint: The Aesthetics of Salt in Lasana Sekou by Sara Florian, PhD.

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