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Onze Tori

Op 18 januari 2019 bestaat Vereniging Ons Suriname 100 jaar. In het kader van dit jubileum werkt The Black Archives aan een expositie rondom verborgen geschiedenis van Surinamers in Nederland. read on…

Nana Dijo & other voices

From objects of study to subjects of enunciation, Nana Dijo is a cartography of the Black experience through a collection of narratives in first person. Nana Dijo is an urgent historical registry filmed in Mexico, Honduras, Uruguay, Argentina and the United States, which opens a crucial platform of discussion about race politics by deciphering hegemonic constructions of Latinidad. Nana Dijo challenges geo-political borders and critically questions the role of Latin-American nationalism and identity in regards anti-blackness and anti-indigeneity. Nana Dijo confronts coloniality and digs into the vernacular expressions of our elders. Nana Dijo: Irresolute Radiography of Black Consciousness is the first documentary project directed and conceptualized by Bocafloja in collaboration with Cambiowashere, DP. read on…

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