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A literary project

connecting Curaçao and Ghana through their common history

The connection between the Caribbean and Africa runs deep. It is based on a shared history, culture, and a sense of a common identity. Beyond the pain of slavery and colonialism, there is so much culture and creativity connecting these hemispheres: from the Pan-African movement and Rastafari to mythical Anansi stories, from Muzik di zumbi to afrobeat, from orishas to ogbanje, and from négritude to Afrofuturism.

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Rappa en Sombra op OS Tammenga

In verband met vaderdag organiseerde de Openbare School Tammenga op vrijdag 13 juni een gedichtenochtendvoor leerlingen en ouders. Speciale genodigden waren Ernst Geffery, Rappa, Asyla Ten Holt (kunstenares/dichter uit Curacao), S. Sombra, Yvonne Raveles en Johan Roozer. read on…

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