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Klei, Steen & Hout

For our first exhibition of 2021, we bring you a wonderful collection by three artists who used material from Curaçao’s very own soil for their artwork. We present Rien te Hennepe with Stone, Angel Luis de la Rosa with Wood and Marjon Wegman with Clay. Sometimes we forget the richness of the nature around us and what it can offer us. Artwork brings out the natural beauty even more.

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‘The triangular trade’ in Gallery Alma Blou

Trading ships of the West India Company (WIC) and the Middelburg Commercial Company (MCC) sailed a route between three continents in the 17th and 18th centuries starting from Zeeland in The Netherlands: Europe, West Africa and South America. The journeys themselves are therefore called triangular journeys. Slaves were an important link in these trade journeys. Jan Francke considers himself both from Middelburg (The Netherlands) and Curaçao. He has viewed the history of the slave trade from both sides of the ocean.

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Gallery Alma Blou

We started the year 2020 very optimistic, with lots of ideas to prepare for the celebration of the 25th anniversary of Gallery Alma Blou. By March we settled into a lockdown to open again in June with the exhibition of Bianca Berends.  

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Chasing our dreams

by Lusette Verboom
In the year 2005 we bought the completely abandoned and destroyed Landhuis Habaai. As our lease contract at De Rouvilleweg was ending soon, we had to do our upmost to make the landhouse ready to move Gallery Alma Blou as quick as possible. The most necessary repairs were done and for example, we never painted the ceiling. 

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Palu arte

Op Curaçao wordt helaas teveel gekapt. Grote bomen moeten soms het veld ruimen voor nieuwbouw. Gelukkig zijn er mensen als Hugo Sjak-Shie die grote liefde heeft voor alle mooie houtsoorten die op het eiland te vinden zijn.

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Vrouwelijke kracht

door Jennifer Smit

In Gallery Alma Blou, Curaçao, exposeren momenteel de kunstenaressen Iris Perez-Romero en Kim Sontosoemarto samen. De tentoonstelling kreeg de titel ‘Women’s Health’ en de opening vond afgelopen zaterdagavond [6 april 2019] plaats. De expositie is gelieerd aan de Caribbean Conference on Women’s Health, die van 5 t/m 7 april op het eiland werd gehouden. Twee aan de conferentie deelnemende cardiologen, Angela Maas en Cesar Herrera, benadrukten op de tentoonstelling in hun openingswoorden allebei het belang van niet alleen de fysieke gezondheid van de vrouw, maar vooral ook de psychische en spirituele. read on…

Exhibition Women’s Health

Gallery Alma Blou, Curaçao, would like to invite you to our Opening Exhibition regarding the Women’s Health Caribbean Conference. With this exhibition we pay tribute to women, and bring forward all aspects of women’s strength and beauty, through the works of artists Iris Perez-Romero and Kim Sontosoemarto. read on…

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