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Suriname bij de 10 armste landen ter wereld

Volgens een bericht op van 26 augustus 2015 hoort Suriname tot de tien armste landen ter wereld. Het artikel, getiteld ‘Top 10 Poorest Countries in the Worldh with Most Poverty’ verscheen op 26 augustus 2015; Pim de la Parra maakte er ons op attent.

Het artikel schijnt over het hoofd te zien dat niet langer aluminium, maar tropisch hardhout het belangrijkste exportproduct is. Het leegroven van het tropisch regenwoud gaat in een razend tempo.

Just like the individuals the countries of today’s world do not have a uniform economy. The main basis for determining the country’s wealth is the GDP per capita. GDP is the rate value of all final goods and services produced within the geographical boundaries of the country within a year. A country with GDP capita of $765 or less is defined as a poor country. All of these countries do not have surplus resources to feed their majority of the population. 

People also face difficulty in meeting their necessities of life.The United Nations program for development has taken three aspects that are: Knowledge ,longevity and access to resources as the indicators to determine the poorest of all. On the basis of these figures, the following list has been prepared.Unemployment, inflation, overpopulation, political instability, illiteracy are some factors that don’t let the countries prosper, and they tend to remain poor.

Here is the complete list of world’s top ten countries with most poverty according to GDP per Capita.


Angola officially called by the Republic of Angola is the tenth poorest country in the world.The standard of living in the country is extremely low, and life expectancy is one of the worst in the world.The infant mortality rate also shows miserable figures for Angola.Despite having an abundance of natural resources 70% of population lives below the poverty line.With the high poverty rate, the crime rate in the country is also very high which has led to the establishment of a large law enforcing agency in the entire region. The literacy rate and GDP rates are also extremely low.


Suriname is on the 9th position in the list of top 10 poorest countries of the world. It is not a very famous country, and many of us haven’t even heard of it before. Just like Angola Suriname’s 70% of the population is facing poverty and are unable to fulfill the necessities of life.The country is mostly agricultural which hardly fulfills the domestic requirements of the population, and the rest is imported through grants and aids by the UN. A recently emerging industry in Suriname is mining that has led to the excavation of many small-scale mines in the country.The main extracted output is the aluminium, which helps to earn a good revenue for this State. But the mining activities have led to the contamination of fresh drinking water of the country.

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