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Stop the further destruction of the Zakito mangrove area and the Koredor in Curaçao

What can you do?
Sign this petition addressed to the Governor and the Parliament to prevent further destruction of nature, protect the tourist product, and preserve the Koredor for the local population.

What’s it about?
As anyone heading towards Otrobanda can see, 5 skyscrapers are being built along the reef water. Plans exist for an additional 3 skyscrapers. Plans also exist for the construction of a luxury hotel with a private beach and a marina in the reef water. The fixed bridge on the Koredor will disappear and will
likely be replaced by a bridge that can open and close to let ships pass, causing long and frequent waits for pedestrians due to passing boats. The traffic situation on the spot will become a major problem. The population has not been consulted about any of this!
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Mangrove - 1 - foto Aart G. Broek -
Mangrove / foto Aart G. Broek

on 14.04.2024 at 6:48
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