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Solo-exhibition of Dhiradj Ramsamoedj

Text: Cassandra Gummels-Relyveld
Ordinary People Reloaded, the upcoming solo-exhibition of Dhiradj Ramsamoedj October 19 – 23 2010, in De Hal at the Grote Combéweg 45, Paramaribo.

Upstairs in his grandmother’s house is where he currently has his studio. Every room, every wall, every nook and cranny, is being put to use by Dhiradj Ramsamoedj who is diligently and passionately at work on the art for his new collection which is to be presented to the public in his 2nd solo exhibition in October this year. During the Paramaribo SPAN-exhibition earlier this year, he utilized this same space to display his Adjie Gilas-project and then managed to stand out for his unique and highly conceptual works of art. The old house was given new life with his art, but at the same time it was in and of itself an inextricable part of the art that it harboured within.

With his new exhibition Dhiradj vehemently expands upon ideas and reactions which evolved from his contribution to Paramaribo SPAN. Aside from that, or maybe within that context, he takes the theme from his first solo exhibition Ordinary People in 2006 and delves even further into the subject matter. The result is Ordinary People Reloaded.

With new vigour, great exuberance and an increased artistic maturity and also freedom, the artist gives free reign to his expressive urges in this collection. “Ordinary people” are still what it’s all about. The ordinary man and woman, in daily situations and circumstances, but looked at from different perspectives and sources of inspiration, determine the look of the collection. It is safe to say however, that the style is totally “reloaded”. His work is no longer smooth and precise and finished in mostly dark hues. Bright, lively colours and a clear preference for a striking interplay of lines that is incorporated as added detail in and on the figures themselves, or as an extra dimension in the background, now dominate. Dhiradj has always been meticulous about his details and finishes and every subject, every composition, is thoroughly, almost analytically even, argued, conceived and executed. But now it seems as though his emotions and his intuition as an artist are released from all constraints. The recognizable elements which have in the past few years co-determined his artistic signature still play an important role. The mysterious look of the strangely shaped heads, which for longer than two years now characterize the work of Dhiradj and his special bond with his adjie (grandmother), her home and the memories from the past, are still essential in his work. The paintings are framed with old pieces of wooden moulding and window frames which were actual parts of the original structure of the house, hereby contributing significantly to the nostalgic character of the work. The pictures displayed within are inspired by books, religious narratives, newspaper articles, experiences and memories, daily incidents, events and observations, which together with self conceived symbolisms take shape in his art in a way that is uniquely his own.

One can only marvel at the discipline, the motivation, the systematic forming of concepts and the genuine creative urge of this young artist. He is as yet in the very early stages of his promising art career, but he knows what he wants, how he wants it and he does exactly what he wants. The invitations for his upcoming exhibition for example, are all one by one, screen printed by hand according to his own design. He paints large and medium sized canvases in oil and in acrylic paint and also installations won’t be lacking at the exhibition. Sculptures constructed from wooden sticks, life sized figures made from thousands of colourful strips of textile, books with sketches and notes which offer a glimpse into the seemingly inexhaustible source of ideas which come forth from the analytical brain of this artistic soul, promise to make this exhibition into an intriguing event. An absolute must see!

The third edition of Sranan Art Xposed also includes an in depth article about Dhiradj Ramsamoedj by Rob Perrée. Make sure you don’t miss this detailed account about the artist and his rapidly developing career.

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