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Olga Orman toured Aruba

by Olga Orman

Peeps I use this opportunity to thank all participants and others on Aruba who I was fortunate to interact with during my book tour of three weeks on Aruba. It was a very successful book launching on 14th September at Scol di Arte in San Nicolas supported by Yolanda Richardson, Alice van Romondt, respondents and other visitors.

Olga Orman


Then there was the ‘Conversation that Matters’ panel discussion at the University of Aruba in Oranjestad organized by Deborah Alexander on 27th September with as central theme “Representation means what”. This initiated a more profound discussion than the other presentation moments. Last but not least an opportunity to present the book once again was at the ‘We Culture’ gathering of Sonny Richardson in San Nicolas on Saturday 30th September. These were all interesting events wherein visitors were encouraged to participate in Q and A sessions.
Not actually connected to the book ‘A Sense of Belonging’ but nevertheless of much significant value was the Two-day Travelling Caribbean Heritage Workshop, in San Nicolas and Oranjestad from the University of Aruba organized by Luc Allofs, who invited me to attend and participate in the deliberations. There was also a live interview on 29th September together with Gregory Richardson on Radio Massive FM in San Nicolas. The books can be bought in the three main bookshops on Aruba, van DORP, Plaza bookshop and Bruna.
Unfortunately the possibility of obtaining the rest of the funding to complete the documentary did not bear the fruits we are seeking as yet. However we are in ongoing conversations with potential sponsors. We are confident that the rest of the funds will be raised and the film could be completed before the end of 2017.
I leave Aruba this evening and return to the Netherlands due to other responsibilities. The book will be presented in Rotterdam or The Hague in the coming weeks. However, interested parties who wish to purchase the book before it is distributed in certain bookshops in the Netherlands can get their copy by getting in contact with me. Sales in the Netherlands start by tomorrow. Price €20.00 exclusive the sending by post. One love.

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