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Nearly 1 in 4 Men is Bisexual in the Caribbean

 by Diane Anderson-Minshall

New Study Says Nearly 1 in 4 Men is Bisexual in the Caribbean The largest survey ever of men who have sex with men offers some interesting results. A surprising new study says that nearly one in four Caribbean men today describe themselves as bisexual, according to the Antigua Observer. The findings are from the regionwide Caribbean Men’s Internet Survey, which has been widely touted as the largest sampling of Caribbean men ever done. It included 2,560 men throughout 33 territories in the region.

“We have a fair population in the Caribbean that identify as bisexual. Across the entire sample … about 20 to 23 per cent say they are bisexual,” Ernest Massiah, facilitator of the CARIMIS project and director of UNAIDS, Caribbean Regional Support Team, told the Observer‘s Alicia Simon. Massiah also told the Observer that 15 per cent of the men in the survey did not define themselves in any category and “do not want a label” even though they have sex with other men. The survey also underscored the “shocking” amount of violence aimed at those thought to be gay or bisexual. Massiah says that CARIMIS reached a far-wider group of men who have sex with men that traditional face-to-face surveys couldn’t reach. The results, says the Observer, will go to governments of participating nations to help create policies that help men in their countries.

[August 15 2012 1:50 PM ET in ADVOCATE.COM]

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