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Monty Howell – Milestones of Life among Rastafari

Series: Caribbean Series, Volume: 40

This book by Lina Ainouche conveys a unique, unrivaled, and moving insight into the life of Monty Howell, the little-know eldest son of Leonard Howell, regarded as the Father of Rastafari.

Opening several files, over the pages, the man is revealed behind the son. Being both an actor and storyteller of History, Monty Howell blends anecdotes, reflections, and revelations, avoiding no subject, even the most delicate and scorching. With confidence, he takes you through his childhood memories, his conflicts with Jamaica, and his reconciliations on behalf of his father’s legacy. With bold, mature, incisive, and provocative assertions, he even reframed the Rasta experiences and the development of Rastafari, altering the terms of the knowledge and the subsequent discourse.

Leiden: Brill, 2021. Caribbean Series 40. 170 pp., with photos. ISBN: 978-90-04-50309-0. Prices from (excl. VAT):€130.00/$156.00

E-Book (PDF), ISBN: 978-90-04-50310-6

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