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Media structures and the Press in Cuba – Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico

by Eliseo R. Colón Zayas
The present study places the analysis of mass media in Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico within a continuous process of transition and transformation towards democratization, interlocked to current international forces of neoliberal-globalized financial and economic structures and the cultural transformations this entails.

Communication I / foto © Aart G. Broek

As the three islands approached the end of 21st century second decade, Antonio Benitez Rojo’s Plantation culture-repeating island system of thought allows for understanding of the course taken by mass media industries within each island context, as well as that of Caribbean neoliberalism. Since 1990 Cuba has been undergoing a continuous transition-like state, of an authoritarian socialist-state in a process of re-articulating socialism in the new international neoliberal context, with no provisions for a market economy or pluralization within the society.
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