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Klei, Steen & Hout

For our first exhibition of 2021, we bring you a wonderful collection by three artists who used material from Curaçao’s very own soil for their artwork. We present Rien te Hennepe with Stone, Angel Luis de la Rosa with Wood and Marjon Wegman with Clay. Sometimes we forget the richness of the nature around us and what it can offer us. Artwork brings out the natural beauty even more.

Angel Luis de la Rosa is originally from Cuba, and his larger than life artwork has been a staple in our community, especially during the Karnaval season. His more intimate work in wood are ethereal depictions of the human body and Caribbean influences. 
Marjon Wegman and Rien te Hennepe are a power couple in the arts with their combined forces in ceramics and sculptures, respectively. Rien’s facility with the Tafelberg limestone is admirable, where time and time again he coaxes the most delicate figures from hard stone.
However, it is the work of Marjon in ceramics for which we reserve the most excitement since this is the first time she is experimenting with local clay. We are very eager to show you the resulting pieces from these three exceptional artists.

Gallery Alma Blou welcomes you to the opening at Landhuis Habaai on Saturday February 20, 2021 from 10 AM to 2 PM
The exhibition will be on show until March 6, 2021.

Galeria di Artista: Marjon Wegman At the opening of the exhibition Klei, Steen & Hout, we are proud to present booklet number 4 in the Galeria di Artista Curaçao series. This booklet is a catalogue describing artist Marjon Wegman journey’s on how she sourced local materials for her pieces.
A big thank you to Monique Rosalina of Passaat & Design N.V. for her tremendous help on short notice to make this catalogue possible.

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