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Journal of Caribbean Literatures over Jean Rhys

Het Journal of Caribbean Literatures heeft een speciaal nummer gewijd aan Jean Rhys, de wereldberoemde schrijfster uit Dominica, auteur van Wide Sargasso Sea. Het nummer is samengesteld door gastredacteur Mary Lou Emory. Ziehier de inhoudsopgave:

I. Reading the Social Texts

Caribbean Modernism and The Postcolonial Social Contract in Voyage in the Dark
Joseph Clarke

Distilling Identities: Jean Rhys’s “Mixing Cocktails” and Feminine Creole Process
Jordan Stouck

Thinking through “[t]he grey disease of sex hatred”: Jean Rhys’s Till September Petronella
Sue Thomas

Mapping the Sea Change: Postcolonialism, Modernism, and Landscape in Jean Rhys’s
Voyage in the Dark
Kerry Johnson

Ethnic Modernism in Jean Rhy’s Good Morning, Midnight
Delia Konzett

Creole Errance in Good Morning, Midnight
Erica Johnson

Selective Memory: White Creole Nostalgia, Jean Rhys and Side by Side
Elaine Savory

II. Reading the Intertexts

Bluebeard’s Forbidden Room in Rhys’s Postcolonial Metafairy Tale, Wide Sargasso Sea
Sharon Wilson

Say die and I will die”: Betraying the Other, Controlling Female Desire, and Legally Destroying Women in Wide Sargasso Sea and Othello
John Gruesser

Intertextual Identifications: Modigliani, Conrad, and After Leaving Mr Mackenzie
Genevieve Abravanel

III. Rhys’s Heresies

Names Matter
Maria Cristina Fumagali

Opacity as Obeah in Jean Rhys’s Work
Carine M. Mardorossian

“I Can Make a Hell of Heaven: a Heaven of Hell”: Jean Rhys’s Heresy
Kathleen Renk

IV. Dialogues with Rhys: Contemporary Caribbean Writers

The Tree of Life
Wilson Harris

Caliban’s Daughter
Michelle Cliff

Homecomings Without Home: Reading Rhys and Cliff Intertextually
Paula Morgan

Antoinette Cosway Explains
Lorna Goodison

Lullaby for Jean Rhys
Lorna Goodison

The Lady Is Not a Photograph
Louis James

Meditations on Red
Olive Senior

The Other Side of the Mirror: The Short Stories of Jean Rhys and Olive Senior
Louis James

Personal and Textual Geographies in Olive Senior’s Literary Relationship with Jean
Gyllian Phillips

Response to Phillips
Louis James

Journal of Caribbean Literatures
Dr. Maurice A. Lee, Editor
University of Central Arkansas
201 Donaghey Ave.
Conway, AR 72035

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