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Imagining the Guyanas / Ecologies of Memory and Movement

The 3-G Network Celebrates the Guyanas – French Guyane, Guyana, and Suriname

27-29 October 2016
University of London, School of Advanced Study
Senate House

This is the second conference of the 3-G Network’s Celebration of the Guyanas (the first held in Amsterdam, 1-3 October 2015), a gathering of scholars, authors, and activists, commemorating 40 years of Independence of the Republic of Suriname, 50 years of Independence of Guyana, and 70 years of the declaration of la Guyane as a French Département d’Outre-Mer. These countries are rarely focused upon together yet they are historically and culturally linked.



Saint George Cathedral, Georgetown, Guyana

This conference seeks to engage the landscapes of memory as they are intertwined with the politics and ecologies of place and movement. These areas (French Guyane, Guyana, and Suriname) have been scarred by colonization and ethnic violence, their resources have been plundered, enormous political and ecological disasters have resulted. How are the changes within the ecological-scape articulated in the different communities that have been transported, or migrated, to and from one of these countries? How do the landscape disasters and environmental damages affect the different communities that compose the population in these 3-G countries? How do the different ethnic, religious, and political, communities resist these calamities and re-organize? What strategies of resilience and agency are being implemented locally and/or transnationally? How are these histories remembered, represented, imagined, and re-imagined in the memories and present realities of the peoples and communities living in these countries and the diaspora?
We are interested in these histories of multiple sedimentation. We welcome examinations of literature, comparisons of artistic expression, investigations of anthropological discoveries, as well as analysis of political, historical and literary accounts, that concentrate on the commonalities and distinctions within the lived and imagined experiences of the three Guyanas.
For this conference, the convenors welcome research-based papers, as well as performances engaged around our theme of Imagining the Guyanas / Ecologies of Memory and Movement. All methodological and theoretical approaches are welcomed. Also, we embrace creative interventions suggesting fresh topics in new media multimodalities. Cultural events will be organized in the evening with invited writers and artists. Submit your proposal by January 15, 2016, through this Your proposal should include Name, Title of Paper/Presentation including a suggested theme, a 250-word Description, and a short Biography with Contact information (150 words).
In the continuity of the first conference on the series ‘The Pan-Guyanese Highway: Cayenne-Georgetown-Paramaribo’ in Amsterdam (October 1-3, 2015), and of this conference in London, a symposium entitled Imagining the Guyanas / Across the Disciplines, will conclude the series in Montpellier (November 3-5, 2016). It is possible to submit two different proposals for the two events provided they respond to the specificities of each call for paper.





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