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Hybride humor

Hybrid Humour; Comedy in Transcultural Perspectives is an interdisciplinary and transcultural study of comedy in a pan-European perspective that include East, West, and Southern European examples. These range from humour in Polish poetry via jokes about Italian migrants in English-speaking TV commercials to Turkish comedy, literature and cartoons in Germany, Turkish, Surinamese, Iranian and Moroccan literary humour in the Netherlands, Beur humour in many media in France, and Asian humour in literature, film, and TV series in Great Britain. The volume is prefaced and informed by contemporary postcolonial theories that show humour not as an essential quality of each particular culture or as a common denominator of humanity, but as a complex structure of dialogue, conflict, and sometimes resolution. The volume is of interest for students and scholars of Comparative Literature, Cultural Studies, and Media Studies as well as for students and experts in the cultures and literatures that are covered in the collection of essays. It is relevant for courses on globalisation, migration, and integration.

Table of Contents

Graeme Dunphy and Rainer Emig: Introduction
Alexander Wöll: Hybridity and Humour in Modern Polish Literature
Delia Chiaro: Laughing At or Laughing With? Italian Comic Stereotypes Viewed From Within the Peripheral Group
Michiel van Kempen: Dutch Tulips in Unexpected Colours: Humour in Dutch Migrant Writing: Kader Abdolah, Sevtap Baycili, Khalid Boudou, Edgar Cairo
Hédi Abdel-Jaouad: Beur Hybrid Humour
Graeme Dunphy: Cold Turkey: Domesticating and Demythologising the Exotic in the German Satires of Sinasi Dikmen, Muhsin Omurca and Django Asül
Rainer Emig: The Empire Tickles Back: Hybrid Humour (and Its Problems) in Contemporary Asian-British Comedy
Notes on Contributors

The editors

Graeme Dunphy is lecturer in English at Regensburg University, Germany. His interests include Scotland, Germany, the Netherlands, Literature, Medieval Studies, Historical Linguistics, and Migration Studies. He has published widely on Medieval and Baroque Literature as well as on migrant literature.Rainer Emig is professor of English Literature and Culture at Leibniz University Hanover, Germany. His main interests are English Literature and Culture of the 19th and 20th century, contemporary culture, and Literary and Cultural Theories, including postcolonial approaches and Gender Studies.

Hybrid Humour; Comedy in Transcultural Perspectives. Graeme Dunphy & Rainer Emig (Eds.). Amsterdam/New York, NY, 2010, 192 pp. Series: Internationale Forschungen zur Allgemeinen und Vergleichenden Literaturwissenschaft 130
Pb: 978-90-420-2823-4€ 38 / US$ 55

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