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How Brazil treats its black people: Naked black male found pinned to a post by his neck in Rio

Note from BW of Brazil: And yet another example of how Brazil treats its black people. Last week, Huffington Post did a piece on the country’s unwritten policy of the extermination of young black males that has been consistently featured on this blog. In a shocking photo reminiscent of a similar incident posted on this blog approximately a year ago, a young naked black male was pinned to a post in Rio with some metal apparatus around his neck.
Pelourinho in Salvador, Bahia. The public whipping of a slave
The image of a black male tied to a post may be disgusting and a symbol of how black life is still seen in Brazil, but it is also historically relevant. In the article below, the word “pelourinho” is mentioned. “Pelourinho” means whipping post. During the slavery era, a slave would be tied to this post and publicly whipped as a warning to other slaves.

Praça Matriz, a pelourinho in Alcântara, Maranhão (northeast Brazil)
Today, when people hear the term Pelourinho, they mostly think of the historic area of downtown Salvador, Bahia, that is a popular tourist area of the city. But the history cannot be forgotten.
[further reading here on Black women of Brazil]
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