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Guerrilla Leader, Drug Baron, Gold Magnate … and Now Social Reformer?

Suriname’s vice president, Ronnie Brunswijk, has been many things. Now, he wants to be known as the man who will spread the country’s newfound oil wealth equitably.

by Anatoly Kurmanaev & Ank Kuipers

Vice-president Ronnie Brunswijk. Foto Communicatie Dienst Suriname

MOENGOTAPOE, Suriname — A cavalcade of black sport utility vehicles pulled up at a small village in a jungle clearing in a remote corner of South America. A tall, heavyset man with thick gold chains hanging over a tight shirt emerged from the largest car to a chorus of cheers.

Further reading here in The New York Times, Jan. 8, 2021

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  • Wat zou hier bedoeld worden met ‘Suriname’s small insular society’? Juist nu het land probeert uit zijn isolement te kruipen.

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