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Feelings – by Julie Kooijman

Gallery Alma Blou is happy to share work of Julie Kooijman with you; we look forward to welcome you for the opening reception on Friday June 3, 2022, from 6.30 – 8.00 pm. The exhibition will be on show till June 18, 2022

Julie Kooijman-Pieler was born in Argentina and studied chemistry, which knowledge proved to be very convenient during her artistic career. 43 Years ago, she moved to Curaçao following her husband Joop Kooijman and feels herself at home and part of the community.

Thirty-nine years ago, July started ceramic lessons with the then only ceramics teacher on the island, Mrs. Solange Gravenhorst, who was a highly respected artist. Soon she became knowledgeable in the basics of ceramic creations and liked it so much that she decided to continue her studies in 1977 and ’78 in Miami, Florida UA, where she obtained her license as a ceramic’s teacher. Thereafter she followed a porcelain painting course given by the famous artist Ruth Little, at Lubbock, TX USA.
Mrs. Little was so impressed by Julie’s skills that she was offered a teacher’s position at het academy. Unfortunately, she could not accept that job due to family circumstances.
When in Miami, she bought her first electric kiln, so she could fire her own ceramics and porcelain. (Currently she uses a huge gas fired kiln). Soon after the purchase of the first oven Julie started to teach ceramic to interested ladies in Miami and one of them, Vicky Aguiton, later became a well-known ceramics artist in Trinidad.
Over the years Julie Kooijman had various successful exhibitions in Curaçao with very good reviews all over.
After moving to smaller premises, she stopped teaching, but keeps working mostly on ceramic and porcelain objects. Her specialty is the finishing of her objects, where she polishes the work time after time to obtain the results she is seeking for. Then comes the decisions to either polish of raku the works. She uses very special techniques to get the patterns on her work, with very beautiful results. She enjoys the wonder of her creations after they have been fired and most of all how the colors, she mixes herself come out.
The energy and enthusiasm of Julie is very contagious.

Landhuis Habaai I Gallery Alma Blou, Curaçao

on 25.05.2022 at 6:51
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