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Ethnicity and Politics

by Chan E.S. Choenni

The article ‘Ethnicity and Politics: Political Adaption of Hindostanis in Suriname’ explores the relationship between ethnicity and politics in Suriname during the 20th century, particularly focusing on the political adaptation of the Hindostanis. It finds the primordialist approach to be meaningful in the analysis and description of the role of ethnicity in politics in relation to the Hindostanis in Suriname.

Keywords: ethnicity; Hindostanis; Indian diaspora; politics; Suriname

Read the article in pdf: Choenni – Ethnicity and Politics – Sociological Bulletin 2014

In: Sociological Bulletin 63 (3), September/December 2014, pp. 407–431 © Indian Sociological Society


prof. dr. Chan Choenni

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