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Milestones & Momentum at the Caribbean Reparations and Colonialism Symposium

Success Marks the Conclusion of the 8th Symposium on Contemporary Colonialism & Reparations in the Caribbean on Bonaire hosted by Bonaire Human Rights Organization from November 29th to December 3rd, 2023

The 8th Symposium on Contemporary Colonialism & Reparations in the Caribbean culminated in resounding success after five days of engaging discussions, workshops, and impactful presentations held across various venues on Bonaire. The symposium brought together distinguished speakers, activists, and stakeholders, fostering critical dialogue on pressing issues in the Caribbean region.

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This symposium witnessed the active participation of delegates from diverse Caribbean countries and territories, including the hardly known Raizal People, reflecting a shared commitment to addressing colonial legacies and pursuing reparative justice.
The symposium’s agenda was marked by notable events, including a vibrant Youth Political Debate, Dr. Carlyle Corbin’s insightful presentation on Contemporary and Neocolonialism in the Caribbean and Chief Dr. Eric Phillips’ profound discourse on Reparations, shedding light on historical injustices and the path towards redress. Also Miles Henderson, Youth Committee Co-Chair the International Civil Society Working Group for People of African Descent did a soft launch of the Pan African Student Congress.
This event marked a historical moment whereas Bonaire Human Rights Organization as Associate Member of CARICOM Reparations Commission hosted for the first time CARICOM Vice-Chair Mr Phillips officially that made a ground-breaking presentation on Bonaire and the former-Netherlands Antilles on Reparations, especially in the context of the recent Dutch Apology by the Netherlands government. The reparations movement headed by CARICOM Head of States seeking reparatory justice on crimes against humanity committed to our ancestors that is gaining worldwide traction as recently the CARICOM and the African Union unify in this effort forward.

Another significant milestone was the formal opening by COPPPAL of a regional office effected by Mr Jorge Garcia Cordova vice executive secretary general on behalf of the COPPPAL President Mr Alejandro Morena Cardenas of Mexico marking their presence and representation on Bonaire entering partnership with the Bonaire Human Rights Organization shared office as a commitment in reaffirming their dedication to advocating for human rights and fostering regional collaborations.
Furthermore, after the unmatched historical 536 days in 2022 and 2023 during international pilgrimage raising awareness and seeking solidarity campaign in Latin America and Caribbean to list Bonaire on the UN Non-Self-Governing-Territories the symposium witnessed the launch of Mr. James Finies’ next step, the political party, PUEBLO PROGRESIVO UNI. The party is founded together with Mrs Marjolein Finies where COPPPAL Vice-President Joe Koolman of Aruba spoke as COPPPAL by special case admitted instantly Pueblo Progresivo Uni as COPPPAL member and conjointly Mr Clyde van Putten the popular political leader of Sint Eustatius who spoke and gave all support to James Finies new political party signifying a concerted effort to amplify voices and effect positive change in the region.
During the same launch event a new civil-society organization Movement For Change founded by Mr Sedney Marten and Ms. Kaile Finies was introduced to support and further information and awareness to the Bonaire people of their rights.

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The climax of the symposium was the prestigious Award Ceremony, where the remarkable contributions of HE Dr. Carlyle G. Corbin life works in the Caribbean and Pacific Territories were honored, alongside the recognition of outstanding achievements by citizens of Bonaire. As heroes of the Bonaire struggle to self-determination were recognized Mr Elvis Braaf, Mr Izaak “Uz” Evertsz, Mr Richard “Rishi” Pietersz and Mrs Sarah Winklaar.
The success of the 8th Symposium on Contemporary Colonialism & Reparations in the Caribbean serves as a testament to the unwavering dedication of all participants and stakeholders in advancing critical discourse, fostering unity, and charting a course towards a more just and equitable future for the Caribbean.

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