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Benedictio IV – Mighty echo of the Amazone rainforest

Natasha Knoppel Galleries organiseert in het Prinsenkwartier in Delft de expositie Benedictio IV, met een reeks van lezingen.

Benedictio IV Lecture program

During the two-month exhibition, various lectures about the theme will be given by experts on Fridays  in the Prinsenkwartier, please see program below.

Extra lecture evenings are expected

September 11th starting 20.00 hrs :

Guyana, land of six people

Art movements ( 1930- 1950) in Guyana

Mr. Stanley Greaves  (USA)

Mr. Greaves is a multiple international award winning painter, sculptor, poet and writer of Guyanese descent, who is considered to be one of the Caribbeans’s most distinguished and versatile artists.

The indigenous Lokono movement in Guyana

Video featuring mr. George Simon (Spain)

A pioneering Lokono Arawak visual artist and archaeologist from Guyana, mr. George Simon was the founder and mentor of the Lokono Artists Movement and of the Moving Circle of Artists. Mr. George Simon was the recipient of -among other awards-  GCA’s 2017 Lifetime Award in recognition of his substantial contributions to Guyanese art and archeology.

The rainforest as an inspiration to Guyanese artists

Mr. Ohene Koama (Guyana)

Mr. Ohene Koama is the chief art curator at the National Art Gallery of Art Castellani House in Georgetown, Guyana. Mr. Ohene is an artist and a chosen mentor for selected artists in the Caribbean as a part of the IFLE (Integrate French as a Language for Exchange) – Caricom programme.

September 18th starting 20hrs

Linking sustainability and tourism as a new development strategy for the Guianas

Ambassador Henry MacDonald (Surinam)

MacDonald, a career diplomat, is a trained lawyer and holds several degrees from universities in Suriname, Belgium, the United States and the Netherlands. He has represented Suriname at the OAS, UNASUR, OIC and other multilateral bodies. While serving as Suriname’s ambassador to the UN in New York, Macdonald was also chairperson of the CARICOM Caucus of Ambassadors to the United Nations. He was a vice president of the 65th General Assembly and also the chairperson of the UN Third Committee, the Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee for the 67th Session of the United Nations General Assembly. Macdonald is the former ambassador of Surinam twice acrredited to the UN

September 25th starting 20.00 hrs

Climate change through the eyes of the Trio indigenous people in Suriname

Dr. Gwendolyn Smith (USA)

Dr. Smith, executive director of the NGO Perspectives of Freedom Foundation is a scholar and practioner in the nexus of conflict, environment and development in Latin America and the Caribbean. For her co-written book  “Conflict and Sustainability in a Changing Environment, Through the Eyes of Communities” she received the Hawkes & Collins Literary Prize.

October 9th starting 20 hrs

Will the Amazon rainforest survive climate change?

Prof. dr. Ir. H.W. J. Russchenberg (Netherlands)

Professor in Atmospheric Remote Sensing and head of the Department of Geoscience and Remote Sensing of the Technical University of Delft. He is also the Director of the TU Delft Climate Institute.

October 16th starting 20 hrs

Reviving Hydroponics in a Hybrid form for sustainable development of the indigenous people

Drs. Ing. Revinh A. Ramnandanlall (Surinam)

Mr. Revinh A. Ramnandanlall is an environmental scientist, specialized in change management, strategic management and business-to-society management.

He is also on the board of advisory for environmental science department at the Anton de Kom University in Paramaribo and owner of B4Concepts Management & Advisory, B4Agro&Food Systems (B4AFS) and B4Estaete in Suriname. With B4AFS his team developed the Hybrid Hydroponics systems and conducts training and installations to grow vegetables all over Suriname, even deep in the rainforest.

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