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Aruba Wildlife Photography

by Michiel Oversteegen

This photo depicts the eggs carried on the abdomen flap of a female rock crab, a Sally Lightfoot. 

 © Michiel Oversteegen

© Michiel Oversteegen

She carries her eggs under her body until they hatch.
Then she will look for a calm shallow area and help releasing the larvae from the eggs by using her claws, so the larvae can drop straight into the water.

 © Michiel Oversteegen

A young male Blue-tailed Emerald holds on to the stamen of an Agave flower in an effort to get some sweet nectar / © Michiel Oversteegen

Aruba Wildlife Photography van / door Michiel Oversteegen vind je op Facebook

Aruba’s “Gonzalito” or “Yellow Oriole” features in this week’s blog of NatGeo about passerine birds. There are people in the world that truly care about this beauty. This photo was taken in our garden on Aruba a few days ago. / / © Michiel Oversteegen


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