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by Shantie Jagmohansingh-Ramlal
At the third edition of the Indian Film Festival The Hague – IFFTH I interviewed Anurag Kashyap at the premiere of his film Ugly (recently featured at Cannes). Anurag Kashyap is an international celebrated and award winning filmmaker and often described as the leading figure in a new kind of Indian Cinema. With movies like Black Friday, Dev D, That girl with yellow boots, and (my personal favorite) Gangs of Wasseypur he has given us stories with unexpected twists and surprises, and always something edgy and groundbreaking in it. Compared to the more mainstream Bollywood movies his work is different and onconventional, much more realistic. The films include socially critical issues as well, like corruption, abuse of power, domestic violence. Whether you like his work or not, you will leave the cinema with a whole new experience and with something to think about.

About how he a became a filmmaker, he said the following: “I grew up with the idea that cinema is Bollywood, what we watch in the whole country. You never think of participating in it, because you think you need some very special skill to do something that is so unreal. But one moment I realised cinema can also be different, and it can be done in a whole other way. That’s when I moved to Mumbai. That’s where it all started, continu facing the rejections. I was selfish, only fighting for me, I wanted my movie to be out there. But sometimes one persons fight becomes a war for many people. Many people get involved and fight with you. And then the media calls you the leading figure in a new kind of Indian cinema, but that’s something that’s been thrust upon me. I’m trying to step back from that, I just want to make my own films.”

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