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Another Service to our people removed

by Will Johnson

It has been made known that the service of the Cadastre has been taken away from the people [of Saba] and moved to Bonaire.

Taking off by boat from Saba in earlier days /photo collection Will Johnson, Saba.

In former times Saba provided its own surveyors, people like Marcus Hassell and Josephus Lambert Hasell both from the village of the Windward Side would survey land when needed.

Saba had its own Notaries, people like Charles Winfield, Hercules Hassell, William Henry Hassell, Engle Heyliger all of these were natives of Saba and would prepare all legal documents whch people required. Saba functioned as an independent Island Community. Our traditional laws now are being cast aside or ignored by the local and the National Government. The highest body in the island namely the Island Council seems to question nothing and goes along with everything and does not question change. This attitude carries with it a heavy penalty for our people now and in the future. When I started The Saba Islander I tried as much as possible to keep political issues out of my blog and to post article of interest on people and the history of our beloved islands in the Leewards. Now however the time has come to post my personal and political views on issues which believe are important to our people.

To continue reading turn to this page on Johnson’s weblog, June 29, 2021.

Taking off by boat from Saba in earlier days /photo collection Will Johnson, Saba.
on 09.08.2021 at 16:18
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