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An Islandgirl Raising Kids in Dutchieland

by Kari van der Heide

It’s winter. And in the Netherlands that means rain, hailstones, a bit of snow and darkness – lots and lots of darkness. And yes, of course it’s also cold. For an Island girl like myself winters here are trying. I’ve been living in Dutchieland for sixteen years and winter time is one of the things I just can’t get used to.

Photo portrait © collection Kari van der Heide


My two-and-a-half-year-old daughter on the other hand isn’t really bothered by it. Sure, she yells “look mama, sun!” every time a tiny bit of sunshine peaks through the dark clouds. And yes, putting on her coat, winter boots, scarf, hat and gloves is a daily struggle. And of course, she LOVED playing on the beach every day, when we were vacationing in Curacao last May.

Please, read on here on the Parent Voice website, January 13, 2018.




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