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A literary project

connecting Curaçao and Ghana through their common history

The connection between the Caribbean and Africa runs deep. It is based on a shared history, culture, and a sense of a common identity. Beyond the pain of slavery and colonialism, there is so much culture and creativity connecting these hemispheres: from the Pan-African movement and Rastafari to mythical Anansi stories, from Muzik di zumbi to afrobeat, from orishas to ogbanje, and from négritude to Afrofuturism.

It is time to deepen our historical and cultural ties to promote cooperation and exchange. Transatlantic Relatives aims to make a sustainable, literary connection between Curaçao and Ghana that focuses on our common past and looks forward to a shared future in which we will have healed from intergenerational trauma caused by the atrocities of the past.

Turn to the website for contributions by Lusette Verboom, Etienne Ys, Asyla ten Holt and others.

on 27.08.2023 at 7:56
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