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A kippah in the Caribbean

A kippah in the Caribbean a quest for the Jewish Caribbean identity.

Premiere: Thursdag 27th August 2015


a kippah in the Caribbean
The documentary is about Jewish people who were born in Surinam, Curaçao and Aruba. Who are they, what do they look like and which are their family names and traditions? What is their identity like? How does the Caribbean part of their being correspond with the Jewish part? And what is the true Jewish Caribbean kitchen?
Starring: Bob Pinedo, David Serphos, Paulette & Jennifer Smit, Gidi & Tamara & Ilena Winkel, Mayra Paula, Yvonne Landman-Emanuels and many other Jewish Caribbean families!
Presented by: Achira Beck & Nofar Kraaijenhage

Tanja Fraai (1971) works as an independent programmemaker from Amsterdam,
Mike Ho-Sam-Sooi (1954) works on various media productions as a director/ editor for Luku Films, his own company.
Together they founded Stichting Weconnect, a foundation dedicated to cretae and promote educational projects within the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
Paul Comenencia , president of the board, Carla Aalse, treasurer, Ron van der veer, secretary

Aanvang 20.15 uur
Zaal open 19.45 uur
Entree € 10,- inclusief drankjes en Surinaamse hapjes.
Kaartjes zijn aan de kassa verkrijgbaar.
Van tevoren aanmelden
Plaats: Liberaal Joodse Gemeente, Zuidelijke Wandelweg 41.

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