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Independence dreams

door Jacob G. Dekker

National liberation and socialist change under “working class leadership” was a dream of many islanders but in fact created the biggest problem for Caribbean Island States.

Jacob Gelt Dekker

Working class leadership’s inability to generate intellectual and ideological alternatives for the opportunistic, anti-intellectual, narco-economies, crippled all islands’ political systems and administrations.

Colonialism would be expunged by “peasant-led insurrections,” had Frantz Fanon of Martinique prophesied in the 1950’s and ‘60’s, but independence movements were far from “peasant-led.” Instead, they were dominated by sections of the middle-class intelligentsia, the bourgeoisie, so hated by Fanon. It was this intelligentsia, not peasants, who quickly formed a new nationalist, “black elite,” replacing European colonials.

Continue reading on Curaçao Chronicle, 2017.04.19, or the KKC-website page, 2017.04.23.

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