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1960 Caribbean Travelogue Film

Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao

This 1960s color film is about the ABC islands in the Leeward Antilles: Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao. It was produced by John Ferno and Cinesphere, and narrated by actor Frank Thornton. Up-close views are shown of different textures, shapes, architectures, and colors on walls, houses, buildings, ships, and people on Curacao (:07-1:49).

A flag is raised by a wind sock, the weather station spins, and the wind direction and speed is shown (1:501:58). A map shows the islands’ location (1:592:16). A teenager adjusts his round bicycle radio and rides down narrow stone alleys flanked by colorful buildings. The camera focuses on the Netherlands flags on his front tires (2:173:30). People walk across the Queen Emma Bridge: soldiers in uniform, a mother and daughter, women carrying baskets on their heads, women wearing colorful head scarves, and nurses (3:314:00). A statue of Louis Brion is shown (4:02). The whistle blows and people scurry to get off the pontoon swinging bridge before it moves to allow the Irving Glen tanker, a cruise liner, and other boats through before returning into position. Various shots of people watching the boats are interspersed (4:036:04). A statue of Peter “Peg-Leg Pete” Stuyvesant leads to a group of school children (6:057:03). Waves crash against the rocks and a view from within a covered cove looks out (7:077:15). A large sailboat and a herd of goats is shown (7:167:40). Men outside a thatched adobe home play stringed instruments (7:417:52). In Aruba, a yellow windmill arrow is shown up-close as it spins (7:548:00). A man walks past divi-divi windblown trees and boards a bus with refinery workers wearing hard hats. At the refinery, a worker paints a metal pipe and others make repairs (8:019:18). A man makes music by hitting an object within a metal pan of water (9:199:28). Windmills pump water, and a factory turns salt water into fresh (9:299:53). Men cut tall cacti with machetes and lean each cactus against wire to make a fence (9:5410:22). Men carve objects, including a tiny flamingo (10:2310:45). On Flamingo Island, flamingos walk past and settle in their nests on the sand. The eggs are seen. A large group of flamingo chicks run past on the salt flats (10:4611:38). Men use pick axes and shovels on the salt mounds of Bonaire (11:3912:09). Shown is an island obelisk (12:1012:17). A rowboat is carried between towering mounds of conch shells (12:1812:31). Divers in bathing suits, flippers, and masks bring up conch shells (12:3212:57). Colorful fish are in an aquarium at the Institute of Marine Biology (12:5813:13). A market made up of schooners includes fresh fish and a variety of produce (13:1413:45). Students walk at Stuyvesant College (13:4614:00). A group of sailors in white shorts, white t-shirts, white knee-socks and sailor hats walk among a variety of people in the shopping district (14:0114:36). A woman sings to an impromptu band using a hand drum, metal tools, and an animal horn in celebration of harvest (14:3716:00). An organette is wound to make music (16:0116:50).

This film is part of the Periscope Film LLC archive, one of the largest historic military, transportation, and aviation stock footage collections in the USA. Entirely film backed, this material is available for licensing in 24p HD, 2k and 4k. For more information visit

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