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Rape and slavery was lure for UK Isis recruits

“Documents show that one female slave was bought from Isis in Raqqa for $13,700, while another was sold for $15,300 via an online advert. Some slaves, however, were sold extremely cheaply, one for as little as £6 through an internal Isis market. The highest ransom fee was £35,000, placed for a captive woman held in Raqqa, the caliphate’s capital, which is on the brink of falling to US-backed fighters.”

by Mark Townsend

The promotion and sanctioning of sexual violence by the extremist group was a pivotal means of “attracting, retaining, mobilising and rewarding fighters” as well as punishing kaffir, or disbelievers, says a report to be released by the Henry Jackson Society.

Enshrining a theology of rape, the sexual exploitation of women alongside trafficking helped fund the caliphate and was used to lure men from deeply conservative Muslim societies, where casual sex is taboo and dating prohibited.

please, continue reading on the Guardian website page, October 7, 2017.




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